Social Labels

There seems to be an extreme polarization of social identity in the USA along the lines of self-identified liberals and conservatives on one axis and with democrats and republicans along the other. This isn’t new news, but I want to humbly point out that I personally find it to be a hindrance overall to our progress as individuals and as a nation.

I think that the fault in identifying with these catchall labels is that it sublimates one’s own experience, judgement and wisdom to a common denominator which is neccessarily amorphous and blunted. It’s unfortunate that this appears the only effective way to accomodate otherwise diverse groups because validity of issues becomes lost to perpetuation of identity. If one were previously in pursuit of truth, more often the larger group personality redirects that effort toward the less noble objective of being right. Unlike truth, being right requires that someone else be wrong and often serves to exclude rather than synthesize.

All of this having been said, when it’s convenient there are sometimes advantages in donating one’s own will to a shared cause, so long as that cause is guided by enlightened benevolence. It is difficult to stand alone and none of us may do it for long but, it’s nice to step away from our chosen herd and gain perspective occasionally.